Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Weekend Fun

In addition to our Friday night couples Valentine's Day party, I also co-hosted a baby shower for this adorable little one this weekend.

My friend Julie got some of the cutest presents ever and we enjoyed eating yummy salads and treats and just chatting with friends.

I also worked on some invitations for our New Beginnings program at church. My cousin Jenny designed the logo on the left side and I attempted to design the invitation part on the right side. They turned out pretty cute and I am so glad I am done. I am terrible at stuff like this. I can't make decisions!

Kevin was my super Saturday night date and spend the evening slaving away helping me set up for the multi-stake dance where I was in charge of decorations. He hung twinkle lights using his tall ladder and convinced the missionaries to come help us blow up about 50 balloons. :) The Stake YW's President was quite impressed with his taping skills as he helped hang garlands from the party tables as well.

I was so glad a bunch of other friends and young women came and also helped decorate. We are decorating again on Tuesday for another Valentine's Day dance too. My favorite thing we decorated with were about 100 conversation hearts that the girls created. They wrote some really funny things. After we were done hanging decorations, Kevin and I had dinner at CPK. I was in heaven drinking my diet Roy Rogers and inhaling my tomato basil spagettini (sp?).

Sunday came far too quickly and we left for church feeling like a bomb had gone off in our house. Kids were screaming and everyone was rushing around... sitting in church was so peaceful in comparison. While we were gone at church, our cute neighbors came and "heart attacked" our bedroom doors.

Andrew and I also attempted taking photos for some Valentine's Day cards... but then we went a different direction and wound up with paint on practically every surface of Andrew's body. :)

I also spent some time this weekend working on blogging stuff. I am beginning a little paid gig as a contributing writer on a Kids Craft and Activities blog. My first post is next Monday (President's Day). I'm calling it my "cookie job" since the $$ I make will be used to fuel my Mrs. Fields addiction and will be saved for house projects. Love it when I can get paid to do something I love and am already doing.

So glad it is Monday! Time to relax :)

Seriously, I purposely leave Monday unscheduled because the weekends tend to be so crazy. Our only goal today is to put laundry away and work out. I am so grateful for Kevin who did all the weekend dishes last night so that I didn't have to start my Monday with them staring at me.

Have a great day!

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Liz said...

Your weekends always sound like fun, but also always sound exhausting!!

Yay for a paid blogging gig! You're awesome!!