Thursday, February 2, 2012

Field Trip!

If you ever wonder how I find time to blog... just realize that I blog when I am avoiding doing things... like dishes, laundry, cleaning, YW stuff, organizing, etc. Tonight I have an overwhelming to do list... so instead of sweeping the kitchen or even feeding myself dinner I am blogging (yes, it is 12am and I just realized I never ate lunch or dinner... unless you count a cookie sandwich?). Anyways, blogging at the end of the day helps me recognize all the good things I enjoyed during the day... since sometimes during the day I don't recognize them as positive experiences. :) Today was a fun day though. 

I'm not quite sure why I pay good money to take the kids to fun places like Super Franks...

Pet Smart is just as fun and FREE!

I also learned that we will never need to buy a dog. We just need a very large sign of a dog

I am adding a trip to the Pet Store back on our weekly to-do list. We used to go once a week... but then we had all those pet fish that died (er... Andrew killed?)... so I thought maybe we shouldn't go any more.

Anyways, there are no pets in our current future... though Andrew feels the need to let me know multiple times a day that we need a pet cat.

Fortunately there is a neighborhood outdoor cat and our neighbors have a cat, so his wish can be fulfilled by sending him outside to play.

Field trip to the Pet Store plus a cookie stop at the mall equals a great day!

Now it is time to go to sleep!


Tim and Jennifer said...

I took my boys to the pet store earlier this week in an effort to save my sanity and it worked like a charm. I love free entertainment!

Jenni said...

We have some friends in our ward that come over to see Scout when their kids get an inkling to play with a dog. It benefits both parties. Scout gets excited and their kids get excited. Win, win!

Lopez Family said...

there was a pet smart next to the target we used to always go to and its like free entertainment. and yes looking at those pets or other pple's pets is enough for me... i have three little "pets" at home. lol. and yes i always blog to avoid other my chores...