Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A little Easter fun and some randomness

I was sick a bunch last week, so we didn't do much. Kevin was awesome and took an entire day off of work so that I could go to the doctor and basically lie in bed feeling miserable without any interruptions (or at least less interruptions) from the little people.

We managed to get out of the house once or twice. The first time we went out, we made it to the park and were almost inside when I realized Andrew still looked like this. He'd been having fun as Spiderman or Ironman during quiet time... and then I never noticed he hadn't changed.

I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time... especially at how fast Andrew got himself looking ok when he realized how embarrassed he would've been at the park if he'd looked like that. So funny!

Catie wanted to be a super hero too!

We also did random block puzzles on the floor. Took up lots of time... while I sat and attempted to take a nap on the floor

These guys pulled each other around in boxes

We took Flat Harry Potter (from Andrew's cousin) out to pizza and to Blackhawk to feed the ducks.

We made volcano eggs. We make baking soda volcanoes practically every day... so this was a nice change. Go here for instructions if you have a volcano lover.

I helped host our Neighborhood HOA Easter Egg hunt! Saturday was rained out, so we rescheduled and held it Sunday afternoon. Here's our photo of the social directors after we set up Saturday morning and then got POURED ON! While we waited for the rain to die down so we could go home, we drank hot cocoa by the clubhouse. 

Here's Kara with her cute Easter tree by the registration table. Attempt #2 of the egg hunt was a success!

We had about 20+ families participate and about 33 kids ages 1-9. It was so much fun to see the kids running all over.

Catie wasn't really into the egg hunt (mostly just wanted mommy and wanted her cold/runny nose to go away!) though she did pick up about 4 eggs.

Andrew was all into it. Running, grabbing, etc. 

Love that this is the best shot of him I was able to get... hmm... if only I could photoshop out his scratching hand.

I am soooo grateful not to be sick anymore (other than the annoying cold Catie gave me) and I am really looking forward to doing some fun Eastery things this week/weekend.

That's our little update for this week!

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