Sunday, April 8, 2012

A different kind of Easter

I have been pretty wiped out over the past two weeks from a cold, flu, and some other random health issues, so I didn't even realize it was Easter weekend until it suddenly arrived! Fortunately I've been buying (and eating) Easter candy for forever... so there were plenty of treats lying around. I didn't think to schedule anything fun this weekend or plan anything special for Easter dinner (or invite anyone over)... so we had a pretty chill weekend.

Saturday was spent exploring the Lafayette Reservoir (I walked while the kids hung out with Kevin at the playground and made friends with all the local dogs). We also all took really long naps because the kids have been having all night parties lately and have kept Kevin and I awake far too many nights in a row.

On Saturday afternoon we discovered that Andrew might have pink eye. He woke up Sunday morning and looked even worse, so he and I hung out while Kevin and Caitlin went to church. We had no fancy photo shoots with the kids in their cute clothes. I think I am cursed with holidays, sickness, and clothes photos... remember how we all had the flu on Christmas? No cute Christmas day photos either. Maybe next Sunday?

I did manage to make my first ham ever. I did a pineapple and brown sugar glaze. I'm a vegetarian, so I have no idea how it tasted... but Kevin was a big fan, Caitlin ate a lot, and Andrew didn't have to be forced to eat it... so I think it was good?

I also made fancy rolls from a can ;) and an insanely good twist on the festive mormon potatoes dish. Yummy yum yum!

Any meal that Andrew actual eats equals success to me :)

The large quantity of potatoes I ate rendered me completely incapable of doing anything for the rest of the afternoon... I was soooo tired! 

We also spent the afternoon painting, playing with the neighborhood cats and dogs, visiting the park, playing baseball in the backyard, and skyping with our families.

Pointing at dogs

My little climber

Superman! Catie has to be just like Andrew

Home run out of the park (backyard)... so dad had to jump the fence

My cute Yankees player 
(Kevin was mortified that Andrew chose this hat to wear) :)

Oh yes, and the Easter bunny did come... but I kind of missed it. I was up most of the night with a hacking cough, so this morning I overslept past my alarm and when I woke up at 8:30, Andrew had already discovered his stash left by the Easter bunny (and all of our baskets) and had ripped open most of the chocolate and toys and left the trash strewn about on the floor of the family room. Meanwhile Catie slept in until 8:35 and then raced to head off to church with Kevin. I didn't get any cute pictures of either kid posed next to their basket. 

Andrew and I did manage to have a sweet morning of singing Jesus has Risen and Did Jesus Really Live Again while he took a 45 minute bath. He also retold the story of Easter to me with more detail than I remember telling him... and anytime I asked him about things we should tell Grandma and Grandpa when we called them later in the day, he said we should tell them that Jesus is risen! So... I think my goal of focusing on the real purpose of Easter was met... even though our family Easter "sunrise" service never happened.

All in all it was a great day! Let's hope the pink eye clears up so that we aren't house bound for all of Spring Break! A trip to the doctor's office totally sounds like such a fun way to start off the week tomorrow, right? ;)

Happy Easter!

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