Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun Stuff

This weekend was pretty chill. We played with a ice a lot (see here and here), ran circles around the living room again and again (this picture was when Catie stopped running to just watch Andrew), and had two date nights out (went to a preschool auction and won a few cool things... and trekked down to the South Bay for a friend's birthday party). 

This week we have been having way too much fun with friends. We hosted Mommy and Me Book Club yesterday morning and then Andrew had a playdate in the afternoon. The boys shot Andrew's marshmallow shooter and ran around in dress up clothes. Then we played in the cul-de-sac with the neighbors until Catie was begging for dinner and bed.

She did have a blast with her favorite neighborhood friend though. I love/hate this cat.

Today my little cutie pie had her first Mommy & Me gymnastic class. I never did anything like that with Andrew because he was crazy at organized things. She wasn't too different, but we still had a really fun time and I got a great workout. One of the moms from Andrew's preschool was in the class too, so it was nice to have a friend to chat with while we chased after the kids. Catie loved rocking out to music during class and jumping on the trampoline. The coaches were all so excited to see her since Andrew has been taking gymnastics at the same place since before she was born. They were so stoked to be her coaches for her first ever gymnastics class!

Catie and I spent the rest of the day shuttling Andrew from preschool to a park playdate to gymnastics and then to baseball.

She and I took a trip to Sees chocolates and the Pet store during Andrew's afternoon activities since I felt bad that she'd been in the car for 75% of the day.

We also grabbed Andrew food and a giant Jamba Juice so that he was fully energized and hydrated for baseball this week... which would hopefully equal less crying/whining during his practice. It worked. My favorite part of baseball was when he was playing in the outfield and sat down on the grass and took off his shoes to relax. The kids were struggling to hit the ball out to him... so he figured, why waste the energy standing?

By the end of the evening this little one wasn't too happy... she's been having an allergic reaction to something lately and is teething... so life is kinda hard for her... especially when I won't let her drink her Jamba in the car because she keeps dumping it in her lap :)

We put her to bed asap after dinner and then Andrew and I made oobleck and goofed around. The kitchen was a disaster but boy did we have a blast!

Now that I'm caught up a bit (though still need to blog spring break), I've desperately got to get to bed early so I am not completely exhausted for my 6:30am run!

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