Monday, April 16, 2012

Day to Day Fun

I still have a post coming filled with all the fun and exciting things we did during "spring break..." but wanted to share some of these random day to day snapshots. These kiddos keep me entertained all day long... even though they don't let me actually get much done!

My dishes buddy

I turn around for a sec... she sneaks back up on here

Hitting the tennis ball in the garage- a forbidden activity (shhh... don't tell dad)

Bird watching

Finally figured out how to move forward in her little car all by herself

Silly kid- who seriously wears a Halloween shirt EVERY DAY

Hunting for worms

Laughing about how cool the worms are

Squashing Andrew in our homemade ball pit

Goofin around.
Catie never changed out of her pjs all day Saturday!
She was filthy and sooo happy!

Giggling girl
(if only her face was in focus :()

Serious face

Checkin out dancing Elmo's show

Hunting for marshmallows

Shooting marshmallows... with his foot
(supposedly it is easier?)

Trying to find all the marshmallows Andrew shot before he does

Baseball practice in the backyard

Basketball practice

Caters was so proud of herself!!

Looking for the trash man

Terrified of the trash man... but wants to go watch

Jumping with Andrew!
The trampoline gets so much more use now that Andrew has a buddy to jump with!

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