Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little YouTubers

Andrew and Catie were excited about their new Google schwag that Kevin brought home with him today. Andrew had to put his shirt on immediately (I wasn't home... otherwise it would've been documented).

Little man is so stoked that his dad starts working for his favorite place EVER next week- you know, the place were he watches videos of baking soda volcanoes again and again or where we go to find video footage of fuel trucks exploding into flames? We are huge YouTube fans at our house... and now we have another excuse to love it- Kevin is moving from working at Google in Adsense for TV to working for YouTube on Monday.

Andrew's been talking about Kevin's new position for weeks, so we'll definitely have to go visit him soon and check out his cool new office and have lunch. In the meantime, Andrew and Catie will be sporting their YouTube schwag! I will have to grab a picture of them actually wearing it at some point.

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