Sunday, April 29, 2012

Andrew's First Talk in Primary

From Shared
Andrew gave his first talk in church today. After sacrament meeting (the general meeting where everyone is together), all the kids go to primary. Andrew is in Junior Primary with kids ages 3-8? (I think?) Different kids get a chance to give a short talk each week. Andrew's talk was about how Jesus teaches him to choose the right.

He was actually pretty disappointed after Sacrament mtg because I guess he thought he was going to talk there. :)

We dropped Catie in the nursery so that we both could go watch Andrew give his first talk. He came up with the list of things he wanted to say a few weeks ago and helped pick pictures to go with his words. He has a pretty good memory, so if I tried to change anything, he remembered and told me that I wrote it down wrong. 

We practiced last night and this morning and we were so proud of how brave Andrew was. He was really proud of himself too!

You can click on the video above to watch the whole thing. Not sure if you're allowed to videotape primary talks, but we did anyway :)