Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lil Baseball

Andrew had his first baseball practice of the year today. It was adorable. They started off practice by standing while the Star Spangled Banner was played. They all took off their hats and put them over their hearts. 

All the moms had their phones or cameras out snapping photos... too cute!

Once the song was over, the kids all yelled "play ball!" (which the coaches taught them ahead of time). Andrew is on the far end yelling his heart out!

Next they got put into teams. Andrew is with the 4-5 year olds and I loved watching how comfortable he was right away. He was so funny telling the random new kids that he met all sorts of things. For example, during a base running drill he told everyone how at home his dad does a cooler drill with him where he runs after him (when they run the bases) and tags him with a ball. He told the coaches too... and asked if they were going to do that? :) They said maybe another day. I think they were ready for him to pipe down by the end of practice.

When it was time for batting, little dude made sure to tell all of his pals that they need to wait until the coach counts until three before they can hit the ball. Now, he didn't follow that rule half the time, but they needed to. Love my little bossy man. ;)

While some kids hit the ball, the others fielded... and then they switched. Loved watching all the guys chase after the balls like a little herd.

Then it was throwing time. When Andrew got home later he told me that everyone else had a glove at practice and he was the only one who didn't... and that I need to remember to bring him one next time. Hmm... I never noticed anyone with a glove, but it made me laugh that he was so aware of what everyone else had. Didn't realize that was starting already.

Catie was a bit of a pill during practice... but was a huge fan of wearing my pearls with Andrew's baseball cap. The little lady's got style, right? ;)

Around this time Andrew had a bathroom emergency... so we trekked up to the far away bathrooms for a pit stop... and then we came back and while hanging out waiting for his turn to bat he managed to... bite?... the blister on his hand. Sweet! Drama man arrived and there was lots of crying about his blister. I managed to help him move past it with a handful of Sun Chips and a kiss on his hand. He was obviously exhausted by this point... so everything became a little more emotional. It was so funny!

At the end of practice they played an actual game- 3/4yr olds versus the 4/5yr olds. Andrew hit the ball and then got to run all the bases and was super speedy.

Ah, I forgot to mention that he wouldn't wear his new baseball cap because he had to wear his Yankee's hat the entire practice. It is my Yankees hat... not his... so it was in his eyes the whole time. What a cutie!

Waiting for their turn to bat. Loved listening to what they talked about while they waited. Andrew is not shy.

Meanwhile Catiebug ate lots of snacks, threw a few tantrums, and finally found a friend to play with on the bleachers... so all was well!

Practice ended with a team cheer and then Andrew raced over to beg for more chips and give Catie a big hug!

The first practice of the year was a success! Looking forward to more Tuesday evenings on the baseball field with this little guy.

We ended the night with a trip through the McDonalds drive-thru because I was too exhausted to make dinner. What a fabulous evening!


Jess said...

Quite possibly your best blog post to date :) keep up the good work

julie smith said...

Grandpa Kim and Grandma Julie will pick up a new Yankee hat for Andrew when we are in New York in May at Yankee Stadium. Glad he has such great taste.

Liz said...

You can definitely tell this is a family that takes their baseball very seriously! Way to go, Andrew! Too cute!!