Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Party

My neighborhood friend Julie threw an adorable little Easter party this week for a few little kiddos. The kids ate snacks, painted pots, have a little Easter egg hunt, and just had fun playing together. Here are a few of the photos I managed to grab when Catie wasn't demanding my attention to feed her grapes.

I love the intense concentration

Listening intently to the rules of the Easter egg hunt

Getting ready for hunting fun!
I love Simon's smile in this picture! So adorable!

Yummy peep treats!

Catie is getting herself ready to hunt


One of these days Andrew will understand what "look at me" means... but he sure did have fun posing with his favorite Elmo basket. I had brought it for Catie... but he snagged it. Best money I've ever spent. We've used it for three years and they both adore it!

It was so fun to enjoy some Easter festivities with friends!!

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Chrissie said...

This was so fun. I'm glad you took pictures! I didn't take any!