Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We're going to the zoo

I've been singing the song, "we're going to the zoo tomorrow" for like two weeks. Last week we tried going several times... and each time it started raining on the way or before we left the house.

We finally made it today... despite it taking us ONE WHOLE HOUR to get out of the house. I lost my hair brush. I looked through my trash pile of a car for it three different times, Andrew said several prayers that we'd find it, and I FINALLY found it under a pile of clothes in my closet after at least 45 minutes of looking. Ugh! 

We were so happy to finally arrive at the zoo with brushed hair at 11am. 

The weather was gorgeous- bright and sunny and perfect. Catie could barely handle all the animals. She screams when she sees dogs. Imagine the sounds that came out of her mouth when she saw large tigers, bears, and lions.

We loved playing and exploring at the children's zoo for the first half of our visit and then we visited the African Safari area.

Catie was NOT a fan of the glass. She was SO MAD that she couldn't actually touch the animals when they were so close.

The play areas at Oakland Zoo are so awesome. I love how they make the play areas themed and related to the animals that are in the enclosures close by. If you can believe it, we've only been to the Oakland Zoo three times (including today) and have never been during the day. It was so fun to actually see the animals and see how huge the zoo actually is (though it is nothing like the San Diego Zoo... which Andrew made sure I knew).

This lily pad area is a fun idea... unless you have a crazy water loving toddler. Trying to keep Catie from jumping into the water was quite a feat. So glad I didn't actually invite any friends to join us today... I needed all eyes on Catie the entire time and no distractions. I got such an amazing workout chasing after her that I just skipped my run this afternoon. I am soooo tired!

I desperately want a slide like this in my backyard. So cute!

If you ever create a zoo... I'd highly recommend not putting metal animal statues in direct sunlight. This play area looks super fun... but the animals were so hot that neither of the kids wanted to play on them. I had been so excited to sit on the grass and take a rest and watch the kids play... no such luck!

So on to the absolute best part of the day- the African safari area. Catie and Andrew could've watched the giraffes forever. They are gorgeous and they were so close by.

I was soooo glad that I brought Catie's little stroller and not a big one. We did so much hill walking and this little contraption was fabulous.

Another favorite exhibit. I could've sat and watched the elephants all day.

Catie loved them too.

My little goofballs

My favorite exhibits- the crazy Catie exhibit... covered in slushee

and the Halloween shirted hooligan... someday I may just hide all the Halloween shirts

We ended the day with a few rides. We took Catie on the carousel for the first time in awhile. All was fine and dandy until about halfway through the ride when she was DONE. Picture wrestled a mud covered pig. That's how I felt trying to keep her somewhat contained (while standing holding onto a pole) while we waited for the ride to finish. My best feat of the day was holding Catie while still managing to lift Andrew onto an elephant carousel seat that was probably a head taller than me. I got a great arm workout!

Andrew was pleased as punch to ride the fire truck as his last ride of the day. He told me again and again what an awesome day today was as we walked to the car... so I felt pretty happy about how our morning turned out.

We all had quiet time or naps for almost three hours when we got home and I will definitely be heading to bed early tonight! So glad we finally made it to the zoo! We will have to go back again soon!

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Liz said...

I'm putting the zoo on my summer bucket list. I've never been to the SF zoo or Oakland. (I have been to the incredible San Diego zoo.)

Love all your cute pictures!!