Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Friday Adventure

Friday are my favorite day because we have nothing scheduled! Sometimes we just sleep in and hang out in pjs all day and sometimes we get out early and go on an adventure. Today I was finally feeling better enough to go on an early morning run with friends, so Andrew & I were ready for our Fun Friday trip by 8am. Catie had another idea though... and decided to sleep in until after 9am! We finally got on the road around 9:30 and headed down to our favorite old stomping grounds- the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum.

Just a little flashback... here is a post from when Andrew went to the SJ Museum around the same age as Catie (he was around 12 months and she is around 16 months). So adorable!

Catie managed to snag a huge bag of Easter candy while we were driving... so this is how I found her when we arrived after the 40 min drive. Wrappers littered all over the floor and a few pieces of evidence in her hands.

She LOVED the children's museum. Museums with her are like running a marathon for me (exhausting!) but we still had a great time!

Her favorite area was the water play section. She got herself completely soaked even with a smock on and loved every minute of it.

Andrew was such a cute little helper and had fun showing her around. He hasn't been there for over a year and a half, so he was in heaven with all the things to explore.

Fire Chief Andrew made sure we had fun and all stayed safe... and was super brother when Catie's meltdowns started and we had to beeline out of the museum before she was in full tantrum late nap mode!

What a fun morning! We will need to go again soon! Now I really really want an afternoon nap. I am exhausted from chasing my little cutie around!

(Please forgive the horrible photos. Next time I will bring my point and shoot with me. My camera takes terrible pictures!)

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