Saturday, May 5, 2012

Preschool Pirate Treasure Hunt

Yesterday we had the last big preschool social activity of the year. It was a pirate treasure hunt. If I ever throw a pirate party, I will be copying this. It was absolutely simple, required very little work, and the kids had a BLAST!

I am too lazy to edit the photos and it was super sunny, so some of them are overexposed, but oh well... the kids are still cute :)

When the arrived they decorate a plain colored pirate telescope with stickers. A bunch of moms on the social committee (like me) make the telescopes ahead of time with paper towels rolls, colored paper, and yarn. They were very easy... especially if you don't procrastinate making them until the last minute.

Then all the kids got a empty bag with an eye patch and they were sent off into the big field to find gold coins.

Once they found five gold coins, they could come back to the treasure chests and exchange their coins for a prize... and then they could go back and find more coins. Adults randomly threw the coins back out onto the grass (after kids exchange them for prizes). The hunt was a big hit.

Then a pirate showed up to sing piratey songs... like the pirate hokey pokey.

The kids loved it. 

Once he started singing, Andrew stayed for the entire time. The pirate finally had to take a break because he was so tired from singing and playing in the hot sun. The kids probably would've participated and listened for even longer.

There were treats and we ate a picnic lunch and I spent the majority of the time pushing Catie on the swings while chatting with friends... since she is obsessed. 

What a great afternoon!

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