Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thankful Tuesday & Baseball

Tuesdays are our busiest days. I have actually come full circle in life and now absolutely despise busy days. I used to thrive on stress and busyness... now I just crave an empty schedule. People who have to schedule life months in advance make me stressed out. I am so glad I am in a chill phase of life right now where my days can be lazy if I want.

The evenings, early mornings, and naptimes are filled to the brim with bloggy work stuff, chores, and church stuff, but I looove the rest of my unstructured days (other than Tuesday)!

But, today I was grateful despite the busyness.

(love this little body that is always grabbing me and getting up in my face)

Here's why...

1. Andrew made a baggie explode goldfish and jelly beans all over our wood floor. I wasn't that excited when it happened because the cleaning ladies had just mopped the floor. But late tonight when he woke up crying, reminding him about the baggie explosion made him laugh. I love his little smile.

2. Catie will sit on my lap during gymnastics and sing songs and cuddle with me. A-DORABLE... and totally a new thing for kids in our family to do.

3. I didn't get my morning workout in... but I did get to run all over the park and gymnastics class following Catie around.

4. My rosebush has four new roses on it and the kids have only destroyed one of them.

5. Andrew didn't do somersaults for his entire baseball class (only part of it) and despite multiple attempts he fortunately never actually threw a baseball at any of his teammates.

6. The baseball moms that usually act like I am a terrible mom had problems with their own kids today. Hmm... 6 kids, all waiting their turn to bat for like 10 minutes... I wonder why Andrew struggles? :) I can't help but laugh when Andrew lies down on the field, picks flowers, dives to catch balls (and then rolls around on the grass for awhile) and always pretends that he can't hear the coaches...

7. We had a McDonald's picnic at our neighborhood park. I bought Andrew a milkshake because he asked and I decided that I would be nice...even though it was a vanilla milkshake- ugh! He was such a sweetheart and shared it with Catie.

8. I got to run errands for two hours by myself tonight.

9. Swimming is still a pleasant experience. Let's hope that continues.

K, I think that's all I have time for today. There are tons of random things I am thankful for, but they will have to wait till next Tuesday... hopefully by then I'll get more pictures taken. I have been a slacker lately!

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Spencer and Mackenzie said...

I feel the same way about filling my days! Although I have found for us that the crazy ones are better if we have empty ones during the week as well. Three cheers for empty schedules! And your kids are beyond cute!!!