Friday, May 18, 2012

11 Ways I Was Pampered Over Mother's Day Weekend

1. Got to fly to Utah to spend Mother's Day with all of my siblings and my mom and visit with Kevin's mom and sister too!

2. Lots of cakebites and a giant cupshake from Sweet Tooth Fairy.

3. Running with my sisters (not pushing a stroller that weighs 60 lbs) in the Susan G. Komen 5K in SLC on Saturday.

4. Sleeping in until 9am several days in a row (thanks to Caitlin who enjoyed sleeping in till 10am basically every day of our trip, Kevin, Andrew being quiet, and Kevin's mom waking up to play with Andrew).

5. Cafe Rio- ginormous order of enchiladas and a diet coke. Yum! Thank you Shari! Normally I get a salad, but the enchiladas were a great change. I want more right now!!

6. An entire afternoon of shopping at SLC's new shopping spot- City Creek... including lunch at Kneaders and treats from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I even got a nap on the couch in J Crew while we were waiting for Scott to decide on clothes... shopping without crazy kiddos is bliss! I also got a cute pair of tall Toms sandals. So excited to have something besides black reefs.

7. A fun evening lounging at the Provo "beach" resort (this wasn't actually relaxing... because we ran around after the kids, but it was fun to see them having so much fun!). Andrew loved the miniature golf croquet course!

8. Listening to Andrew sing Mother's Day songs in Sacrament Meeting at church on Sunday morning. His smile and little waves were totally precious.

9. Yummy Mother's Day BBQ lunch at my mom's house where the girls got to chat and fix food while the guys watched the kids and grilled.

10. Having Scott and Cat on the flight home with us to California. They had Andrew sit with them and Kevin and I got to devote our full attention to crazy Catie. She was adorable and loved all the cuddles.

11. Getting surprised late Sunday night with a few treats and presents from the kids along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Monday.

I barely got any pictures because I was lounging and relaxing so much, but I did managed to snag a few. Most are all below kind of in order. Loved my Mother's Day this year!

Cute kiddos on Sunday


Andrew modeling his new sport coat

Cute cousins- Andrew & Madeline

Grandma Julie with all the grandkids... 
quite a fun adventure trying to get them all sitting

This was the best pic we got of my kids...
they would not look at me

Little twinners running (Maddie & Catie)

Elise and I both picked the same Janie & Jack dresses for our girls for Easter... so that was fun to have them all in the same dresses for pictures.

How cute are they walking with Kevin?

Watching Grandma Julie be goofy

Princess Ariel dress up time while we got dinner ready

Ladies working in the kitchen

Adorable Olivia watching all the commotion

My gorgeous Mother's Day flowers from the kiddos

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Ashley said...

Mother's Day is all about shopping (or sleeping) while the men watch the kids! Or, in your case, sleeping while shopping!