Wednesday, May 30, 2012


These two kept us entertained all weekend while we were camping. There were such goofballs. Catie is a total ham and will do anything to make Andrew laugh. Andrew will do anything to make Catie do silly things (that she's not supposed to do)... They make quite a pair.

For example... during breakfast when Andrew started slapping his head. Cause you know, that's fun? So then Catie started slapping her head... which then led to them both banging their heads on the wooden picnic table and laughing hysterically.

I had to end it right before someone got hurt... but it was so funny!

Another favorite camping activity was washing the car and the plants. I brought them each their own mini spray bottle. This led to lots of free time for me to sit in my camping chair and read my book (I am currently reading Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs by Ellen Galinsky and it is phenomenal).

After washing the car and the plants... they moved to washing the inside of their mouths and each other!

This was seriously my favorite morning ever. I love the slow pace of camping and loved every minute of watching these two have so much fun together. They absolutely adore one another.

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E J said...

Would never have thought to bring spray bottles- LOVE that idea, totally using it for our summer trips!