Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little Chica

This little chica is growing up. She is completely crazy and gaga over her brother. She wants to do everything he does, copy his every move, and have the same things as him. He loves to teach her all the things that she isn't supposed to do (or he isn't allowed to do) just to keep my life interesting. 

I was kind of hoping to move into cute girly toys and baby dolls soon, but it looks like we have another train obsessed child. We introduced her to Thomas this week (and the Dora Choo Choo episode) and she is in love... 

The train table hasn't been of interest to Andrew for a little bit, but it is now adored by Catie... which means Andrew likes it too and I've been enjoying lots of time sitting in Andrew's room while the kiddos play happily with the trains. Thank goodness Grandma Julie gave us more trains than we will ever need! There is really never any fighting... they save fighting for baby dolls, dog stuffed animals, baby strollers, balls, and pretty much everything else.

Little chica is growing too fast for me! She turns 18 months next week and last Sunday she had her first successful day in nursery. They said she was happy 80% of the time, which is good enough for me. We are now back to avoiding one entire side of the church building so that there is no way she can spot us through the window and have a meltdown.

In addition to trains, Catie loves to throw food, smear plates of ketchup all over her face and hair, soak herself completely if she is anywhere near water, eat anything we give her, and climb up on beds, couches, chairs, or anything else dangerous. She also loves to go on the highest slides at the park and adores the swings. I am now training Andrew to push her so that I can avoid doing that all summer long.

My little cutie also still loves sleeping through the night every night and talking long naps. Her brother is trying to train us early for our newborn though and has decided to start waking up with nightmares every night... so just in case you thought we were benefitting from our awesome sleeper, be assured, we are still completely underslept and exhausted. I have been enjoying a diet Coke and M&Ms for breakfast lately just for an extra jolt of energy ;)

I'm sure I'll have more fun things to say about Catie next week, but that's what I am loving about her this week. She is adorable!  

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Ashley said...

She is SOOO cute! Benny loves "choo choos" right now too--it's adorable. Have you been to the train museum in Sacramento? You should go if you ever get up that way--the kids thought it was awesome (and so did Tyler and I!).