Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Visitors and a Palo Alto Reunion

We have had a busy few weeks! I still haven't caught up from all of the Mother's Day events, but had to blog about our fun visitors that stayed with us last week.

(the only pic I grabbed... around 10pm Sunday night, so not the best)

Bruce & Christie arrived last Wednesday and left yesterday (they were in town for a friend's wedding). Andrew is suffering a bit of a withdrawal from not having an extra audience to entertain. We hadn't seen Christie since their wedding back when Andrew was 6 months old and hadn't seen Bruce since Andrew was about 9 months old (at Jocie's wedding). Now we have two kids (with a third on the way) and they have one adorable little boy with another arriving in the Fall. We definitely had a lot to catch up on... which meant lots of late nights over the past week!

Wednesday night we introduced them to Zachary's Pizza (best of the East Bay in our opinion) and we ate loads of treats and Bruce's favorite root beer. Andrew was so excited to see our new friends that I don't know if he took a breath for air the entire first three hours they were at our house... he just talked and talked!

On Friday night we had a date night out at the San Francisco Creamery. We gorged ourselves on ice cream and yummy food and chatted for about three hours (without interruptions from our crazy kids who were at home with a babysitter). It was lovely! Bruce & Kevin also had several late nights of playing Kinect and the xBox.

Sunday evening we had a mini Palo Alto reunion with some of our friends from the Stanford ward that we love and that wanted to see Bruce & Christie. We watched the eclipse (you can see the eclipse on our garage in this picture), ran around outside, and had a yummy BBQ while we caught up for hours and hours.

Unfortunately this was the best pic we grabbed of the party. :( Next time I'll have to be a better historian.

Andrew and Catie loved running around and sneaking into the neighbor's backyards while we chatted with our friends and watched the eclipse. Jeremy brought CDs, which we were awesome to use for checking out the eclipse without blinding our eyes.

Not only did Andrew love having Bruce throw him around and play with him... he loved having coloring buddies each morning at breakfast.  

We are already planning a trip to Texas sometime soon so that we can meet Bodie and the new little Edwards baby. What a great week! I was so exhausted from all the fun that I took a nap yesterday afternoon for two hours and went to bed early and slept in until 8:30am today.

Thanks for coming to visit Bruce & Christie!


Jamie said...

It's such a small world. Bruce and I were in the same ward in Provo (Victoria Place) for several years, and Jocelyn married Zack, my good friend from law school. We have all kinds of mutual friends! Sounds like a fun reunion. Tell Bruce I said hi next time you talk to him.

jocie said...

Oh I have FOMO big time! So fun that you got to see Bruce and Christie and that they got to see the Buskirk Family. I have been thinking about you guys a ton lately. We need to get together soon...