Sunday, March 13, 2016

Annabelle's Blessing

Annabelle was blessed today at church by her dad! 

So grateful that Grandma Julie, Grandpa Kim, Grandma Shari, and the Caffees were able to come from Utah for her special day today and Andrew's baptism yesterday.

The Smiths, Thomanders, and Heymans drove in from around the Bay and Uncle Allen and cousin Leah flew from Baltimore to be at the baptism yesterday and blessing today. The Heymans are 4/4 in attending all of our baby blessings! How cool to have them so close by.

Annabelle's middle name is Elise, after her Aunt Elise... so we had to snag a picture of them together!

This little sweetheart was so peaceful and calm during her blessing and was wide awake. We sure love her!

After the blessing we had a yummy brunch back at our house with family. We ate blueberry muffins, coffee cake, yogurt parfaits, delicious crockpot breakfast casserole, and leftover treats from last night. The kiddos also made rainbow fruit loop necklaces for awhile. It was so fun!

We spent the rainy day chatting and eating and enjoying time together! I am so grateful for everyone that was able to sacrifice time to make it to celebrate with us this weekend!

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