Thursday, November 10, 2011


I'm tired. Seriously, completely worn out.

I'm not quite sure why, since I've been going to bed earlier than normal and having all this girl trippy fun... but I really would love to curl up in a ball and start hibernating right now. 

This afternoon we hibernated in our house. I had a two hour phone chat with one of my best buds (who also helps me write our Toddler Approved blog)... and the kiddos cooperated really well and slept/had quiet time.

After that, I tackled these eyesores. My "crap" cupboards, as my friend Alissa likes to call them.

They were in need of some serious help. I organized them about 6 months ago... and they have been begging for help ever since!

Now they look so much better and are much more organized

Ah! I thought I was crazy when I was snapping pictures of the before, but now it makes me so happy to see how much progress I made.

Hopefully I'm not the only one with such terrible looking cupboards. Next week we are going to tackle our garage and a gazillion other projects. Shari is coming out to visit and help Kevin with loads of projects. He is taking his last week of paternity leave off to work on anything and everything he wants to do (he has definitely earned it after so much time playing Mr. Mom!).

Before the hibernating happened, Andrew and I went on a date. We left Catie with her weekly babysitter and we went to the mall. On our way Andrew said, "first I want to get a cookie, then I want to ride the rides and get pretzels, and then I want to buy some clothes for Catie." That kid is totally mine! He said that we needed to get Catie some new pjs and new shirts. He loves to help pick out clothes for her. He is going to be a great husband for a lucky girl someday.

In addition to hibernating, we had a Screen Free day today. It was beautiful. I only peeked and looked at Gmail once (hmm... maybe twice). I was pretty proud of myself for going over 12 hours without using the computer, iPad, or internet on my phone. I may have made up for it by chatting on the phone though... so I'm not sure which one is better? :)

I was actually very productive though... which is why I am probably tired. I also felt so much more present during the day because I wasn't checking my phone to see Facebook messages or read blogs. I am committing to doing that at least once a month from now on.

Catie had a great day and took 2 steps. She can stay standing all alone, balanced, for a few seconds and then steps forward once or twice and then falls into me. Andrew and I are competing for the roll of her biggest cheerleaders. I love seeing her big smile and how proud she is of herself.

I am also proud to say that I am raising a dramatic girl- ha! She is already throwing tantrums. Is she a teenager already? Today she threw her whole body on the floor, head pounding on the floor, flailing, and crying because I walked away from her for a second  and I guess she wanted me to pick her up? I can already tell we are in for a treat when she starts the terrible 2s and 3s ;)

I am so sad I only got pictures of my cupboards today and not crazy Cate's antics. Her newest nickname is "crazy." I usually omit the Cate part and just say, "hey Crazy, what's up?"... You never quite know what to expect from this cute little one.

Yesterday we created a cornflake sensory tub in the kitchen to keep the kids occupied while I got stuff ready for a YWs activity. It was messy and amazingly fun. Andrew played while Catie stuffed her face with cornflakes and I made fondue. It was fabulous. I really like these two... even when I feel like I am going insane.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for SB to run the 1/2 marathon. I have really low expectations for myself. We're going to have a lot of shopping and eating time after the race. That is what I am most looking forward to! Wish me luck!

PS- If you are still reading this super long post... I was totally excited to discover that two little projects that Andrew and I made were featured on some blogs I read this week.

Babble's The New Home Ec by Ashley Hackshaw who writes at Little Blue Boo (I love her blog!)

The Happy Home Fairy and Make and Takes who both featured a cute gratitude turkey treat jar we made with leftover Halloween candy. I need to make a lot more so we can get rid of all the candy still hanging around!

Anyways, time to go finish off my Mrs. Fields cookie sandwich and hit the sack!

PPS- My twin sister will be on CMT's Top Secret Recipe episode next Thursday night as they take on trying to replicate the Mrs. Fields cookie recipe. You know you want to watch it... she is the Mrs. Fields super fan.

K, now I am really tired. Goodnight!


Chrissie said...

I'm surprised you're not tired more often with all the stuff you do! Good luck on the 1/2! I had forgotten that's why you're going down there. Also, I think the no-screen day is a great idea. I need to go on a computer fast, too...sometimes I feel like I'm only giving 1/2 of my attention to my kids the whole day.

Liz said...

I say you should be more tired that you are with all your jet setting around these days.

I love the before and after pics of your craft crap. I have too many cupboards that look like that in my house.

No surprise Toddler Approved is being highlighted all over the WWW! You and your buddy do an amazing job helping the rest of us with fabulous ideas for our little ones!!