Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A slight hiccup

Bang Bang!

Last Thursday night on the way home from Googleween, some cars were too busy paying attention to an accident on the side of 680 and they stopped too quickly. Kevin avoided hitting anyone... but the guy behind him was too focused on watching the side of the road and slammed right into Kevin!

His car got the worst of it (smashed hood, air bags deployed, banged bumper), but Kevin managed to get a few bruises on my car. Fortunately everyone was ok, though Kevin had a sore neck for awhile and Cate screamed for a little bit (which was definitely unnerving to the guy who hit Kevin- it was his first accident ever and he felt SO bad for plowing into a car with two kids).

Kevin called me in Vermont and said, "well, the good news is that everyone is ok..." and then he proceeded to tell me about the accident. I was freaking out a bit and shed a few tears, but mostly was grateful that everyone was safe and no one got hurt.

Andrew is still talking about the crash.

This morning we dropped off my roomy 7 seater and traded it in for this roomy 5 seater for a few days. I am a little grumpy that they didn't give me a car with a back bench, but this rental is the cleanest car we've been in in awhile, so that is nice.

I also don't have my awesome music selections or ceiling TV monitor, so driving home from the car shop this morning with screaming Cate wasn't my favorite.

I introduced Andrew to the radio. After trying all the presets he told Caitlin, "Catie, don't be sad. This car just doesn't have any good music." After a few songs and him trying to tell me to start the songs over from the beginning (when we'd start a new station halfway through the song), he finally began to understand the radio a bit.

I loved it when one song came on that I finally liked and he said, "wow mom, this is a good song." Great minds think alike :) He asked me who sang the song... and I had no clue. I don't have the App for that. It reminded me of the olden days when I would listen to the radio all day long to try and catch the one specific song that I loved and wanted to know who sang it. I used to spend so much time trying to tape songs off the radio. Ah! So glad technology has changed!!

Anyways, Happy November!!

Today I am grateful for clean rental cars, the randomness of the radio, and a family who was protected during an accident! My prayers definitely were answered!


E J said...

Can't imagine how you felt being so far away. So glad that everyone is safe and that Kevin reacted so well!

The Mostess said...

Shazam is the app. It's awesome. You hod it up to the speakers, and it tells you the artist and song name.

Glad everyone was okay!

Jenny said...

i hate accidents. glad everyone is safe!

Lopez Family said...

im glad everyones ok! and being in a super clean car (without cleaning it) is a plus!

Liz said...

So scary for you to get that call being so far away! Thank goodness everyone is okay!