Friday, November 25, 2011

My Birthday

Considering I have thought I was 32 for the past 6 months... my birthday wasn't that exciting. :) Elise finally convinced me that we were in fact turning 32... so the birthday was kind of not a big deal... though it was nice to be younger than I thought I was. Happy Birthday to me :)

Jessie made me a cute vase filled with all of her favorite memories of the two of us (plus real flowers that are now making my bathroom look beautiful).

Andrew was super cute and managed to convince G&G Smith to buy him this fireman get-up at the Blackhawk toy store. He dressed up and put out fires all afternoon during quiet time and gave us a little break. Happy Birthday to me.

We had dinner at The Red Tractor Cafe in Dublin. They have yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries- my favorite. Catie stole my food and downed a lot of my milkshake (and conned Scotter into sharing a lot of his too). It was fun to celebrate with my fam (Scott, Cat, Dad, Mom, my kids, Kevin, and Jessie)... though Elise (and fam) were missed! I kept thinking she was there and then I'd look around to tell her something and she wasn't. :(

I got a huge Mrs. Fields cookie cake from Kevin and then a delicious fudge crunch ice cream cake too (all ice cream and crunchies- no cake).  We ate cake (pyro Andrew helped me blow out the candles) and then I opened presents.

My favorite gift was from Andrew & Caitlin. Kevin wrapped my present in a big shoe box and then hid it inside a big Williams Sonoma bag. I thought I was getting more hot cocoa and waffle mix and wasn't that excited about it. Once I opened the bag I thought I was getting shoes... and I wasn't too excited about that either. Then I opened the shoebox and discovered a brand spanking new Canon Rebel T2i camera. I was shocked since Kevin told me that my recent computer hardware upgrades (more memory/bigger hard drive) was all I was getting for my birthday. Cate & Andrew are great present givers though. I wonder what they'll get me for Christmas? :) (Thanks Jeremy for all of your hard work to help Kevin figure out what camera to get me... It is awesome!)

We ended the night with some Thanksgiving prep... and a painting party. Jessie won the prize for painting the best brown paper plate. :) Scott, Cat, and Jess (Especially Jess) were all good sports and helped me do some last minute crafting for the kids Thanksgiving table... and they didn't complain. What a nice birthday present.

Tomorrow we are having my birthday shopping spree with my mom and Jess while Kevin and my dad hang out with kiddos. I am excited!

Thanks for all of the Facebook birthday wishes, texts, phone calls, and cards. I am so lucky to have so many thoughtful friends!


Johnson Family said...

Happy b-day Kristina!

Chrissie said...

Looks like it was a great day! Glad you had fun!

Warner said...

Happy late birthday, from a less thoughtful friend! :) Sounds like you had a great day.