Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Bed for Catie!

Ever since Catie turned 2 and started climbing out of her crib and stopped sucking her thumb she's struggled with sleeping. She used to sleep from 5:30pm until 9am every day... and never woke up.

Now we are lucky if she only wakes up once a night, but often it is three times or more. Things could be a lot worse, but we are still super tired all the time!

We have been trying lots of things to help her sleep better. This week we decided that her uncomfortable toddler bed needed to take a hike. She was so excited when her new big bed arrived!! There was lots of jumping involved.

She and I had a lot of fun rearranging her room too. Here's what it looks like now. 

At some point this weekend I plan to actually iron the pillowcases and bedding, but once I tried the bedding on the bed to see if I liked it, I was too lazy to pull it off right then and iron it.

When I put the flowers on Catie's table she said, "Oh! that is so sweet!" and just sat and admired them for awhile. If I knew Ryan wouldn't smear dirt all over her room, I'd leave them... but I know better. They looked cute while that lasted though. :)

I want to find some other cute accents and a white headboard sometime soon as well. Someday hopefully we'll repaint it too... If you look closely you can also see the tip of a princess castle hidden behind the bed. Catie now plays with all of her princesses and animals in that back corner.

Her new bed is SOOOOO COZY. Both Kevin and I have fallen asleep on it while "playing" with the kids. 

Let's hope she decides that the bed is too cozy to get out of at night and stops waking us up!

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