Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ryan at 18 Months

Little buddy turned 18 months old last Sunday on April 27th!

The last 18 months having him in our family has been positively delightful! He is such a sweet, kind, and loving little guy.

He had his 18 month appointment today and is about 33.5 inches tall (85% or so), 26 lbs (75%) and has a growing head (95%)!

He just loved smiling at the doctor and nurse and we easy peasy when it came to getting checked out! He obviously hated the shots, but loved the prize he got to pick... and then when Catie stole his prize, he loved the Frozen sticker she gave him instead. He is such an easy to please kid!

Some things about Ryan right now... 

  • He is growing through his clothes faster than I can get new clothes out of storage. He wears 18 months to 2T outfits that he inherited from Andrew.
  • He loves balls, cars, trains, climbing, birds, dogs, and anything his big siblings like... especially destroying Andrew's lego creations or stealing Catie's favorite doggies.
  • He LOVES to eat! If the big kids leave food behind, he steals it. 
  • He wears size 5 diapers... or whatever type we can find :)
  • He is awesome with a spoon and a fork. Catie still loves to use her hands and has a harder time with utensils, so it is funny to have such a demanding little guy who gets grumpy if I don't give him a fork like everyone else!
  • He sleeps from 7-7 or 7:30-7 or so every day and rarely wakes up in the night. His sound machine is awesome.
  • He has a gazillion teeth and we are hopeful he is taking a break from getting any more since that period was painful!!
  • He says loads of words... but his favorites are "MAMI" (mama), dada, Baboo (Andrew), Catie (he says very clearly!), NO, more, dink (drink), doggy, guun guun (bird), car, and babals (bubbles)!

Ryan also loves treats and that might probably be his favorite word ever. I thought Catie was good at catching me sneaking treats... but Ryan is even better. He follows me around saying "treat, treat." He is a totally chocoholic like his mama too... so he sure loved his chocolate bunny on Easter!

Little dude also has one speed.... running!! He is a mover just like his siblings and his favorite direction to go is anywhere AWAY from me!

We sure love this little guy and are really enjoying watching him little personality develop as he grows. He is definitely not one to take things lying down, will defend himself if someone takes his stuff, but he is also super huggable and kind to his siblings... unless their hair gets too close by and he decides to give it a little pull!

Love this kid!

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