Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Andrew Turns 7!!

Lately it seems I am always behind on this blog, but I definitely want to make sure to document the birthdays!!

Today Andrew turned 7!

The day flew by way too quickly since he was in school for most of it. We celebrated this morning with an easy favorite breakfast of Svenhards Cinnamon Rolls. Andrew woke up around 7am and loved seeing his bedroom door decorated with balloons along with a giant candy #7 poster.

After breakfast Andrew hauled little gift bags with him to school. Making them was quite a fiasco since I didn't find out from Andrew until last night that he was allowed to bring something into class. When I arrived at Target at 10:15pm last night they were out of virtually everything in the party aisle so I made due with candy I had at home and a few dollar aisle items. Fortunately Andrew loved what I threw together!

After school we went home and opened a few presents, cleaned up Andrew's LEGO covered bedroom so that he could have space to play with new toys, and then we ran around a bit outside with friends. Andrew also got to watch a favorite movie on Netflix while Ryan took a nap.

Kevin got home around 6pm (with Scott) and we all drove over to Walnut Creek together for dinner and dessert at the San Francisco Creamery! Cat, Jude, and Sophie met us over there as well!

We scarfed down our dinner and then we ordered the giant kitchen sink for dessert. Everyone picked one flavor and some toppings and they made us a giant 8 scoop sundae. There was so much ice cream that we maybe made it through five of the big scoops before we were all done. It was messy!

Once we got home we got Ryan bathed and to bed and then Andrew got to open the rest of his presents and call grandparents before we tucked him into bed at 9:15. We were all exhausted by the end of the day!

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