Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Andrew Last Week of First Grade

On Tuesday Andrew's class hosted a Parent Appreciation Breakfast! It was so fun to go to his class all by myself (Ryan was at Miss Tess's house and Catie was at pre-k) and give him 100% attention!

The kids decorated their desks and made special tissue paper flowers. After lots of kind words from Andrew's teacher, Mrs. Bowyer, Andrew served me breakfast and just waited on me for about 20 minutes while we also chatted.  

He was also presented with his portfolio from the year and got a big round of applause (apologize for the bad photo).

Afterwards I went down and helped out with his class park party. His teacher and the room mom are so organized! There were about 6-8 game stations with fun things to do and the kids rotated to each station. I was in charge of the egg walk.

I have volunteered a lot at Catie's school this year and not nearly enough in Andrew's class so he was so appreciative that I was there! I got lots of hugs. Love this kid!

After they finished playing they did a sponge water race and ate donuts and yummy fruit kabobs and then got to play at the park!! Andrew was so excited that I got to help out and come all by myself for the morning!

Such a fun way to end the year! Andrew has been blessed with an amazing first grade teacher and wonderful group of classmates this year!

Tomorrow is his last day of school and although I am really really sad to see the year end because I have loved his teacher so much, I am excited for summer and so is he!!!

Here's a quick update on his last day... he said it was AMAZING and they didn't have to do any work. I managed to snap a picture of his with Mrs. Bowyer at the end of the day and then I gave her a big hug too. I'm one of those moms that totally starts bawling saying goodbye to the teacher... which then led to the class room mom tearing up too... Fortunately Andrew doesn't get embarrassed by me.

We seriously just had such a great year with his teacher. She was so supportive, went beyond the extra mile with teaching, assessing, and just providing such a creative learning environment that helped Andrew grow leaps and bounds. He couldn'tve had a more perfect teacher for him than his teacher this year.

Onward to 2nd grade!!

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