Monday, October 31, 2016

Buskirk Halloween 2016

I love October despite how crazy it is. This year Annabelle was a skeleton and a Brazillian soccer player, Ryan was either Captain America or Black Panther, Catie was Ariel (along with half the kindergarten), and Andrew was Harry Potter.

Today the two big kids had their parade and class parties while Ryan and Annabelle enjoyed playtime at home with our awesome babysitter Ashley.

The kinders ate bagels and fruit and did a spider craft. I forgot to bring Catie a change of clothes, so she was pretty mad at me. Recess in heels and an Ariel costume is not fun. Once she got over it, the rest of the morning was great.

Kevin & I took turns going between Andrew & Catie's classes. Andrew's class did pumpkin math and carved pumpkins.

They also ate monster crispy treats and crackers.

In between parties and pick ups, Kevin and I had a day date to McDonalds to load up on caffeine so we could survive the rest of the day. LOL.

After an afternoon of making soup and cornbread, we had a little pre-trick or treating neighborhood and friend potluck. Kids played basketball and tag and ran around.

Kevin and I brought back our Gatsby wear from earlier in the year. I added fringe to a black dress to turn it into a flapper costume. I think I'll be saving it for a lot of future holidays. It is so cozy and easy to wear.

Most of the kid crew- we're missing 1-2.

Such cute buddies!

Trick or treating was a blast! Annabelle lasted a loop around the neighborhood and then we went home and cleaned up a bit while Kevin & kids finished. 

What a great Halloween! Andrew and Catie loved hanging out with their friends! Catie is a speed trick or treater. Fortunately we only lost her once. She is all about the candy.

Happy Halloween!

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