Sunday, November 6, 2016

Danville 1st Ward Farewell Break the Fast

Last Sunday at church they announced that the boundaries of the different wards in our Stake were getting changed. We learned that we will be attending a newly created ward starting on November 20th. Several other ward members are coming with us and then many others are getting sent to three other wards within the stake. 

After talking about the changes we decided that we needed one last opportunity to get together and celebrate our ward friendships. The idea for a ward family dinner "break the fast" was approved and our Relief Society presidency and RS meetings committee got to work! In just a few days, with a lot of help, we pulled together a large ward dinner. I loved watching so many people that I love and admire come together to make such a simple event happen.  

We spent the evening working, chatting, and cleaning and had so much fun one last time. I have been blessed to serve with some truly amazing women in our ward Relief Society presidency. Kevin has also been richly blessed to work with many awesome people as he has served in our ward's Bishopric over the past year. Our friendships will remain but we will both miss the close daily contact we've had with our presidencies over the past year!

Here are a few photos snapped by me and my friend Becky over the night. We had a big spaghetti dinner and ward members brought salad, bread, and desserts. I barely had a second to eat anything since I was chasing Miss Annabelle around or talking with friends. Catie also decided to jump off a table and whacked her wrist and face, so the night was pretty eventful. I am just happy we didn't wind up in the ER. My friend Cheryl also brought her beautiful collection of pumpkins to decorate all of the tables. Everything looked fabulous!

We partied so hard that at the end of the night some of the ceiling started falling down in the gym! It was crazy! What a great night! I wish I would've taken more photos! Annabelle loved pushing chairs around and saying hi to people.

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