Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy First Birthday Annabelle!!

Annabelle had a great first birthday! We started it off with a few presents. She was mostly excited about the balloon and that was it. She had no idea how to open presents, so the kids helped her. She loved checking out her toys once they were open.

She got a little ball bit, a ride on toy, a Care Bear stuffed animals, and a Fisher Price carousel toy. She also got an outfit or two and a raincoat... since it has been such a rainy winter!

After presents she got to have a donut hole cake and blow out the candle!

She was a BIG fan of the donut holes!

After church we got more time to play with the ball pit and we snagged a few photos in her dress.

I made a birthday cake for the party plus a baby cake that Annabelle could eat all by herself.

After Annabelle had a nap, we waited for our cousins to come! When they arrived we got the party started and ate cake.

Annabelle tried to touch the flame... of course.

She really didn't want to wait for the candle to be blown! She dove right into the cake and made a mess!

Afterwards it was bath time and time to change into cozy pjs! Annabelle seemed to have a fabulous day and was so adorable!

Happy Birthday to our cute Annabelle!

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