Sunday, January 6, 2013

A few pictures

Here are a few pictures from our week/weekend. We haven't been up to anything special other than going to the park, cleaning rooms, playing outside, having a playdate or two, and working in the garage.
Flying airplanes

Loving our new garage bike hooks

Playing outside

Caters has had a cold this week- her first one I think? She is super healthy and rarely sick (maybe because she sleeps so much?). She has been all cuddles and a leaky faucet. She constantly says "I tuddle you mama?" and anytime she asks I'll put down whatever I'm doing and snuggle her. She gives the best hugs EVER.

This handsome kids LOVES his new bike and rides like a champ.

This one doesn't love her new bike, but will ride other ones.

Cute little brothers.

Handsome Ryan in one of his many new outfits. He is growing too fast!

We started sleep training this week. Knock on wood (hope it continues), but he seems pretty good. He'll nap in his crib from 1-2.5 hours during the day 3-4 times. I barely know what to do with my free arms. We put him down when he's still awake but tired and he puts himself to sleep. He also sleeps in his crib at night (no more carseat). He goes to bed around 11/11:30, wakes up around 5 for food, and then sleeps till 8:30 or 9am. My goal for next week is to get him to bed earlier and have him still only wake up once during the night. :) We'll see if he cooperates.

He also has been loving sitting in his swing. Just stares at the animals so happily. Such a sweetheart! He smiles at us tons and I am seriously IN LOVE with this little cutie- completely smitten! He gets cuter by the minute.

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mar said...

If you get a chance I'd love your thoughts on what you are doing/how you are sleep training since we need to get that going with Charlotte as well! Ryan is darling-can't wait for them to meet!