Wednesday, January 9, 2013


There are a lot of things I am loving at my house right now... and I need to write them down before things change and I forget all of them


That Catie sucks her thumbs AND twirls her hair at the same time. Even better is that she twirls one side so much that her hair has a big knot there at least once a week... that turns into a giant rat tail. Cracks me up... until I have to cut the knot because it won't come out.

LOVE mutual activities I find on pinterest at the last minute on YW activity nights when I'm in charge. I helped make the Provo Temple. I know you're all impressed. ;) I also LOVE when I survive quick trips to the grocery store with all three crazies to get supplies without any major meltdowns (or anyone stealing candy... though Catie tried hard).

LOVE when people do messy art projects with my kids that I want to try out but don't feel like dealing with the mess. Now I have cute art in my kitchen and I didn't have to clean it up.

LOVE that I didn't teach this to Andrew and he wants to spend his free time doing it. Thank you Kinderprep!

LOVE Andrew's creativity and energy. Catie and I just watched as he jumped again and again and again... and he slept all night long last night (which doesn't happen every night). I think we should do this every afternoon.

LOVE being back on schedule. I've decided that I don't love winter break. 2 weeks was way too long for us not to have structure. I have gotten more done in the past three days than I did in 2 weeks.

LOVE that I was sick during Christmas break so now I still have tons of Christmas candy that I never got to eat and since I lost 5 lbs I can eat it and not feel guilty (though I still have probably 10 lbs of baby weight left to lose!).

LOVE this chunky monkey. At his 2 month appointment yesterday (about 2 weeks overdue), he weighed 14.3 lbs. He is all rolls and adorableness.

LOVE how much Catie and Andrew ADORE Ryan. Catie kisses him anytime she is around him and loves stroking his head and being so gentle.

(everyone wants to be around Ryan when he is awake- he is adorable!)

LOVE goop. We made it again this week. Catie wasn't sure at first... but then totally got into it. Andrew and I LOVE it... Kevin usually refuses to touch it. :) Catie makes the best faces.

Goop torture

LOVE when I procrastinate. I had a month to put together a week of activities for my Toddler Approved blog. I waited and waited till the last minute, so we have been doing at least 7 activities every day this week. If you have a toddler, check out the ABC's of Toddler Activities that I've been writing. It is pretty good for procrastinating it and doing it at the last minute ;) Yesterday we did O for Obstacle course and several other activities. The kids are going to be bummed next week when I'm not as fun of a mom.

LOVE this Catie's smile... and her tantrums. Man... and I thought Andrew threw some good ones. Catie takes the cake. Yesterday she was mad she couldn't get her doll out of her stroller by herself. She will not let anyone help her and screams more if you offer (even just to teach her how). She couldn't handle that she couldn't do something and did a lie down kick/hit the floor tantrum... then moved to the landing to tantrum some more, then walked upstairs and did some more, then went into her room and slammed her door and tantrumed until she got over it and then came downstairs like nothing had happened. Crazy girl!

LOVE sleep. I am in love with this kid (like head in the clouds in love, he makes me smile all the time sorta love). He is vying for Catie's spot as favorite child (wink wink) and is trying to be a better sleeper than her. Considering she currently sleeps 16 hours of the day (2+ hours of a daily nap and about 14 hours at night), he has a little ways to go... but he's trying hard. We did nap sleep training last week to teach him to fall asleep without being rocked or using any white noise or pacifiers and he's taking after Catie it seems so far (knock on wood) and likes sleep. Yay! Another kid who inherited Kevin's good genes! This week we're slowing moving his bedtime earlier and earlier and he's been sleeping longer and longer. I woke up to my alarm two days in a row instead of him. Sweet! Let's hope he keeps it up for while before teething or other things like that come and wreck his sleeping again. I feel like a completely different person now that I've gotten 6+ hours of sleep at a time a few nights in a row.

Lastly, I LOVE that I am more relaxed of a mom these days. When Kevin heads to Brazil on a trip in a few weeks and I am a single mom of three for two weeks, I may feel differently, but for this week, I love that Ryan is my third kid and I am not anxious when he cries or stressed out not knowing what to do for him and I love that I am ok with letting other people hold him and help me, etc. I also love that I have two other kids that keep me busy so that even on days when he doesn't sleep all night, I don't have a second to sit around and be depressed or tired... I just have to go go go. 

Let's hope that my positive attitude continues... and if not, at least I can look back here and remember what it was like. :) 

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