Saturday, March 14, 2015

Andrew's Minecraft LEGO Birthday Party

Andrew's celebrated his birthday this weekend with some friends from school, kinderprep, and his class at church! 

We held the birthday party at Play-Well Teknologies where we also held his Star Wars LEGO birthday party last year. The studio was redone over the past year and had an even better set up this year than last.

Andrew and friends had so much fun making Minecraft projects with their teacher while Kevin and I just set up food, played with Catie a bit, and relaxed. Such an easy party!

Andrew was really excited about the creeper cake I hade made for him. Thank you Safeway!

Originally I was only going to have healing potion labels on the drinks but Andrew told me I needed more variety. He was totally right. This morning I stuck some new labels on some of the water bottles and the kids LOVED them... especially the invisibility potions.

The TNT was also a big hit.

After we built with LEGO for 1.5 hours then the kids ate snacks, pizza, and cupcakes. The 30 minutes of party time just flew by.

The kids all went home with very simple Minecraft goodie bags and we cleaned up! Kudos to my awesome neighbor Stefanie who gave me several of her Minecraft themed party decorations to borrow. Saved me some work!

Kevin wasn't super stoked to spend his birthday chaperoning a party of 17 first graders, but he was a good sport since there were no other dates available. We'll be celebrating his birthday again tomorrow!

Happy Birthday to Andrew (belatedly) and Kevin!

Hooray! No more birthdays until next October.

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Jenny said...

What a perfect boy party! I am intuigued by that cupcake cake--never seen anything like it but that's genius! It's always a good feeling to move on from birthday season :)