Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ryan Turns 3!

Little buddy turned 3 on Tuesday and we had so much fun celebrating with him!!

On Sunday we had our buddies the Heyman's over for dinner and the kids played and then we celebrated Ryan's birthday with some cake and ice cream! Yum! We mixed the cake batter but forgot to put the cake in the oven... so since it was getting late we made mini bundt cakes instead of one big bundt cake. Ryan didn't mind and was just super excited to get to blow out a candle!

On Ryan's actual birthday we all woke up a little bit early and then all four of us went in and sang Happy Birthday to him. The night before we all made posters and decorated his door too. He LOVED us singing to him and LOVED his posters and talked about it for the rest of the day.

Later in the day we had a pumpkin themed preschool book club at our house and we turned it into Ryan's birthday party. We ate little pumpkin cakes, did pumpkin crafts, and sang Happy Birthday!

A few friends even brought him presents and he loved it! He had a huge meltdown mid-preschool and begged for a nap so ended up spending part of the time in his bedroom playing by himself in his crib. He didn't seem to mind one iota so I decided not to worry about it... even though I would've preferred him having fun with his friends!

That night Ryan requested that we go to San Francisco Creamery for his family birthday celebration. We were all super excited about this choice and he was especially stoked when his giant birthday Sunday got brought out. What a fun birthday celebration!

We ended the night with calling grandparents to say thank you for presents, watching videos from cousins, and opening presents. It was a great day! Ryan's favorite presents were his Star Wars Kylo Wren lightsaber and Iron man costume/mask!

Happy Birthday to our favorite 3-year-old!

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