Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Catie Turns 5!

Our cute Catie turned 5 today! Hard to believe how fast time has flown since that early morning when we got pulled over racing to the hospital to deliver her (read more HERE). 

Today we all went in together to sing Happy Birthday to this cute birthday girl in the morning and she was glowing from all of the attention! She loved the posters that we made for her... she especially loved the ones Andrew wrote (and she carried one of them around with her all day... which is why it is missing from the photo :)). 

We opened presents from grandparents and family and Catie thought it was pretty cool that her gifts were under the Christmas tree (not decorated yet since we just got it last night).

The boys were super excited to help her put together her toys... especially Andrew.

Ryan was quite distraught that it wasn't his birthday and there weren't any special things for him, so he was the lucky recipient of a ring pop before 9am so that the rest of us could enjoy Catie's special morning. Whatever works.

The kids goofed off pretending to be unicorns with their birthday hats while I made birthday pancakes. The tradition is that you get the number shaped pancake for how old you are. #5 is really hard to draw. 

Catie also loved this birthday candy sign we made her. I was finding Nerds all over the kitchen floor all day.

At school Catie got to celebrate with a birthday hat and a special birthday song. She also brought in a birthday treat that the kids took home with them. She really wanted to send in pop rocks, but I didn't find them in time... so we went with ring pops and tags that said "You're a gem of a friend love Catie" that I found on a great website... since we didn't have time to make our own birthday printable. 

TK Birthday hat

Catie picked Chipotle for dinner because she is obsessed with chips & guac. After dinner we went to the pet store to get a new betta fish... since Blueberry (our most recent fish) died last week when we were in Utah.

We ended the night with cake and ice cream and watched lots of crazy birthday videos from cousins who are goofballs! Catie also loved talking with both grandparents before bed.

I cannot believe this cute girl is 5! She is growing into such a darling, thoughtful, and kind girl! She is always thinking of other people and trying to make them happy. She will go upstairs to get Ryan's special dog dog stuffed animal if he is sad (without asking), she will always help pick up the house whether she is asked or not, she gives the best hugs and cuddles, and she is such a good sister to both of her brothers! She is also really excited to get a little sister in a little over a month! She gives my big belly the best cuddles!

Here's a Birthday Interview with Catie at 5 years old!

Favorite person in the world: Andrew and dad

Favorite color: purple

Favorite TV show: Puff N Rock (no idea what this is) and Paw Patrol

Favorite thing at school: Friday dance parties at TK

The thing she does best: Is a great sister

Favorite toy: My Little Ponies

Favorite stuffed animal: Ty Owl named Glamour

What she wants to be when she grows up: Artist

Favorite book: Rainbow Rocks

Favorite movie: Frozen

Favorite food: chips & guac

Favorite sport: soccer

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite vacation this year: Sea World

Favorite drink: Sprite 

Favorite type of ice cream: Cookie dough

Favorite treat: chocolate cake (especially the samples from Nothing Bundt Cake)

Favorite dipping sauce: marinara sauce and gauc

Favorite date with dad: go to Toys R Us

Favorite friends: Cooper (school), Mia & Fara (church)

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Smoller 

Favorite animal: Cheetah (or cow... depending on when you ask her)

Catie's birthday pictures!

If you click on the photo titles below you can check out all of her past birthday celebrations! I feel like they all happened yesterday!


1st birthday!

2nd Birthday

3rd birthday!

4th Birthday!

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