Friday, December 11, 2015

Buskirk Cookie Exchange 2015

Our 6th annual cookie exchange was held tonight! It is one of my favorite holiday traditions! Each year I love seeing what people bring and adding new friends to our guest list. Here are just a few of the awesome cookie exchange entries.

Past cookie exchanges are linked below if you want to check them out...
1st ever (just a really small group)

Our judges were pretty fabulous. Andrew and Catie were so excited to stay up and help out and were so well behaved and happy. Catie loved seeing her primary teacher at our house and was adorable and brought me a glass of water during the party since she thought I was probably thirsty. Such a sweetheart!

Ryan got to have a "sleepover" in the pack n play in my closet since the judges used his bedroom for their cookie sampling. He was put to bed around 7:30pm and just played happily in there for an hour and then put himself to sleep... despite the insane amount of noise in our echoey house.

Another shot of the judges. Kevin relished another opportunity to wear his favorite white elephant gift win ever.

A friend forced me to get in a photo at the party. I should've done a better side view to show off my big bump. Only one month till my due date as of tomorrow!! Crazy!

Here are close ups of all of the cookies! They were amazing.

Winner- Wendy decorated all of these cool ugly sweaters and then did the Christmas trees in snow below too. They are so beautiful that I don't want to eat them!

Winner- Jaicy! These were so chocolatey!

Winner- Suzanne! 3rd year in a row!

Winner- Cheryl! These thumbprint cookies were beautiful and a nice twist from the usually chocolatey cookies.

After quite a bit of deliberation the judges announced the winners and passed out prizes!

After the judges made their announcements then everyone grabbed their holiday platters (the dollar store actually had some cute ones this year) and loaded up! So many delicious cookies!

After everyone left around 9:30/45 I finally sat down to eat some appetizers for a much belated dinner and have hot cocoa. Yum! I am exhausted! So much fun to get to chat with so many friends tonight. I can't wait to dive into the cookies tomorrow for breakfast. :)

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