Thursday, December 12, 2013

4th Annual Buskirk Cookie Exchange

I admit wholeheartedly that the idea for this cookie exchange was not my idea. I stole the idea from my awesome party planning friend Kaari when we moved away from our old neighborhood. The first one only had 5 people at it (since Catie had just been born)... this year we had about 30. It was a lot of fun and so yummy! Here are some photos my friend Rachel took while I was chatting and playing hostess last night.

The judges agreed that everyone upped their game this year. The spread was even prettier and yummier than previous years.

Too bad my dining room light makes everything looks so yellowy...

We needed my whole dining room table extended plus my long buffet table in order to fit all the treats.

Jessie & her friend Pam even came up to join us. The kiddos were SO EXCITED to see Jessie! Catie had a really hard time sharing Jessie with Pam... it was kind of funny...

Here are photos of some of the party people!

And I can't forget the amazing judges. It was a great group this year. Catie & Andrew had fun sampling the cookies too. Catie basically put herself to sleep before the end of the party. I was impressed that she managed to sleep while the house was so loud.

Lindsey, Suzanne, and Laurel won! I am writing this down so that I remember for next year.

Here are posts to our past cookie exchanges... it is such a fun tradition!


The Mostess said...

So fun to see the cookie exchange, east bay style! Glad the tradition lives on!

Jenny said...

You need to start posting the recipes for the winners!! Sad I had to miss out on such a fun and yummy night!