Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Cookie Exchange

On Wednesday night we hosted our 3rd annual cookie exchange. December is crazy with errands and "to do" lists, so it is nice to have a dedicated night to just hang out with my friends... and eat treats.

(Some of the amazing treats from the night)

Each guest brought a platter of cookies. My little buddy helped me bake mine. I wasn't in the running for a prize, so we just made basic cookie bars.

The kiddos also helped me find these fun platters for our guests. I wasn't too happy about taking all three crazies to The Dollar Tree last week, but they actually cooperated and we were in and out in less than 10 minutes. Hooray!

We had several awesome judges on hand (plus Andrew, who isn't pictured) to sample all the treats and pick their favorites.

Buskirk party people 
(Catie did not participate since our little shindig started after her bedtime)

Andrew had fun hanging out with Kevin and the judges

And goofing around after everyone went home... since he was so hyped up on sugar.

Ryan was also perfectly pleasant and chilled some with Jessie, Jeremy, and Kevin during the party.

We've been enjoying the cookie and appetizers leftovers ALL week long. The ladies who baked this year did an amazing job!

And that's the end of our Christmas party posts!! We had way too much fun this year.

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