Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Fun- Week 1

We still haven't decorated the house yet and the kids are about 4 days behind on eating the chocolate from their advent calendars (bc I keep forgetting to remind them), but we've still managed to do at least one fun and festive holiday activity every day so far this month.

Here are a few of the ones I documented... (if I don't write them down I might not remember any of this next week... life is a blur right now)

On Saturday we put some of our homemade ornaments on our kid Christmas tree

We made candy cane cookies on Sunday

They were really cute. I made sure to deliver them to the people Kevin home teaches the next day so that we didn't eat them all.

Ryan had fun watching. He is getting so big!

We also made some Christmas cards and took treats to a few neighbors.

One day we had a little wreath making station. It was open all morning and Catie would've kept coming back to it all day. I finally had to put everything away or else she and Andrew would've used every last drop of my glitter glue.

That same day we did some jingle bell activities (I explained them here on my Toddler Approved blog). Anything where we throw jingle bells is a hit. Most days this week we wore pjs until 11:30 and then frantically got ready right before Andrew's school started at 12:30.

This is Ryan's most frequent position- in his carseat in the car... He's gotten used to it and doesn't fuss too much (knock on wood)

We also made peppermint brownies... and made sure to eat a lot of them.

We visited the mall and waved at Santa. I'm not a hug fan of actually getting pictures with him there and my kids have never asked, so we just wave and spend our time eating pretzels and cookies instead. It was my first trip to the mall with all kids solo... so I wanted it to be super quick and end on a high note (cookies and rides and home). Success.

Today our festive activities included cutting our spin art pictures to make snowflakes and also creating a snowflake making assembly line. Catie painted coffee filters and then Andrew cut them into snowflakes. I was exasperated with both of them because the fought so much today... so it was lovely to have some happy peace and quiet while I made dinner. Andrew surprised me and is actually really good at cutting snowflakes. He must've learned at school... because I've never shown him how. At least our windows will be decorated.

Tomorrow our goal is to put Christmas lights up on our tree (finally), eat dark chocolate covered peppermint jo jos, and set up our Fisher Price nativity (Kevin set up our gorgeous Willow Tree one tonight! I love it!)!

So six days into the month and we've done few festive things. It won't really feel like Christmas is coming yet until our house is decorated completely, so I need to gear up and get some energy for that asap... starting by getting to bed soon so that I don't get the cold I think I am trying to get!

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