Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Vacation to Monterey

On Christmas Day we headed down to Monterey for a short trip (3 days, 2 nights). It went way too fast. Here are the highlights/lowlights and loads and loads of pictures!


  • Girls Night out to Les Mis on Christmas night (while Kevin watched all 3 kiddos at the hotel... it was my first time leaving Ryan for that long)
  • Boys night out to Les Mis the following night (while I watched many many episodes of TV shows on Hulu Plus in the hotel room cuddling with Ryan)
  • Monterey Aquarium with the kiddos! The toddler enclosed area was the best place ever... I relaxed and Catie played. Yahoo!
  • Dennis the Menace Park- 3 adults, 2 kids (plus one that didn't move)... and we still couldn't keep up with them.
  • Ghirardelli!
  • Sweet Ryan sleeping 6 hours in a row at our hotel. Love that kid.
  • Awesome hotel with delicious breakfast every day, swimming pool, and an elevator that kept the kids so happy.
  • Lots of cute Catie & Andrew iPad sharing... that is the only thing they know how to share these days... but it is progress :)
  • Seeing adorable baby Sophie every day
  • Tons of time to hang out with Scott, Cat, Jess, and G&G Smith. We are so depressed they are gone now.
  • "Boys" (including Jess :)) bike ride on 17 mile drive loop 
  • Dance party at Johnny Rockets. Andrew did his booty dance in the middle of the restaurant and it was hysterical. 


  • ODing on Diet Coke and M&Ms... so sad. I haven't eaten either since Christmas... or much else.  
  • Sitting next to Mr. Sniffles at Les Mis... I think he passed along a lot of germs to me! Ugh!
  • Andrew screaming for the first 45 minutes of our road trip to Monterey
  • Andrew screaming a bunch on our road trip home AND Catie getting car sick. Crazy! No road trips are on our schedule again for awhile.

Overall, the trip was fabulous.
And now for loads of pictures!!

Telling Ryan about Les Mis

Riding the elevator

Lots of TV time and relaxing 

Dinner at Pizza My Heart Monterey

Dennis the Menace Park


And... so sad we had to go home.

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