Saturday, December 12, 2015

Catie's 5-Year-Old Gymnastics Birthday Party

For Catie's birthday party this year we decided to have a gymnastics party! I needed a party that was low key and low stress for me (since it was happening in December) and this was the perfect fit. Catie wasn't very opinionated so it made planning her party super easy! We invited all of the girls from her TK class and her cousins (ages 4/5+) and her church friends that are her age and she had a blast!

Although today was crazy with loads of other activities, this party was pretty low maintenance. 

The gymnastics staff had the girls (plus Andrew) moving and having fun for a whole hour.

After gymnastics we had lots of snacks and then the kids decorated crowns and colored and then they ate cake and went home. 

The party was super simple. The kids were great and it was so fun to have a few friends stay to help along with my mom and sister.

I kept party favors simple and just made a purple and pink labels and attached them to jump ropes since we did a lot of jumping at the party!

Catie only had one minor meltdown during the entire party so I'd call it a success! The best thing I did was hire a babysitter for Ryan so that he could have fun at home while the big kids had fun at the party. Hooray for successful birthday parties that are fun and pretty low stress too!! 

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