Sunday, December 20, 2015

TK Polar Express Party & Gingerbread Party

This week Catie had two big events in TK. On Wednesday her class got to have a Polar Express party followed by Polar Express/snow themed PE stations and on Tuesday we had a Gingerbread party. 

When the kids arrived at school on Wednesday they got a ticket and then it was stamped when they arrived in the classroom. They walked into the classroom to find a train track on the floor and chairs arranged to look like they were going on the train.

The kids watched a short portion of the Polar Express movie and drank hot cocoa! Catie and I got to make our favorite crockpot hot cocoa for over 50 preschoolers. We got to school over 30 minutes early to help set up (around 7:45) and Ryan tagged along too. Our new favorite hot cocoa server decided not to work at first so that made things a bit stressful... but eventually it all worked out and there was warm hot cocoa for the kids! Hooray! She wouldn't let me take any photos on Polar Express Day so you'll have to use your imaginations!

Next up we had a TK Gingerbread Party on Thursday! I got to coordinate the party and was fortunate to have at least 8 or 9 parent volunteers come in and help run different stations.

We had a super simple gingerbread man photo booth where I tried to get a photo of all of the kids.

The kids made gingerbread man shaped sandwiches at the snack station.

They decorated GIANT gingerbread men cookies.

They also made graham cracker gingerbread houses and frosted ice cream cone Christmas trees.

They painted cut out paper gingerbread boys, made gingerbread boy headbands, and played gingerbread boy color bingo. We also did a roll the dice and color the gingerbread boy game and we played pinned the button the gingerbread boy. It was quite a busy party!

The kids seemed to have a lot of fun and I was exhausted when it was done! My voice almost returned completely on Wednesday but went back to being super hoarse and icky on Thursday!

We celebrated the party being done with a diet coke run, lots of chocolate, and an evening of watching Christmas shows and relaxing!

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