Saturday, January 23, 2016

Annabelle at 1 Week!

Annabelle has had a pretty uneventful first week of life although she got to meet some very important people!

This week we mostly hung out at home and relaxed, cuddled, and played with the big kids while Annabelle got acclimated to life at our house.

I stayed at the hospital one night and after spending most of it awake cuddling and rocking Annabelle all by myself I decided to come home early. My recovery was pretty good other than a lot of bleeding so they let me check out a day early. We came home late Saturday night.

Our fabulous babysitter Alexa watched the kids while Kevin came and picked me and Annabelle up at the hospital. While we were gone she and the kids made cute posters to welcome us back home. It was so sweet! Catie had to hold Annabelle the minute we got home. She is such a sweet big sister!

On Sunday we relaxed, took naps, cuddled with Annabelle, and got treats dropped off from several friends. Yum!

Annabelle loves snuggling in her new rock n play sleeping contraption. It is so cozy! We have learned that she DOES NOT like being swaddled though, so we've been leaving her blankets more loose and she sleeps much better. The miracle blanket might need to be retired... we'll see.

On Monday the home health nurse visited and checked Annabelle out. She weight about 6 pounds 13 ounces... so getting closer back to her birth weight of 7 pounds 2 ounces.

On Monday afternoon Scott & Cat came and visited with Sophie & Jude and brought us yummy Zachary's pizza. Kevin was IN HEAVEN and we all ate way too much. It was so thoughtful and delicious!

On Wednesday morning Grandma Julie & Grandpa Kim arrived for a quick one day visit! We spent the day cuddling with Annabelle and playing games and building puzzles. We also had a yummy Chipotle lunch. We were so grateful they could come and see us!

On Thursday Annabelle had her 1 week doctor appointment and was basically back to her birthweight. She was pretty cooperative and the doctor said she was perfect!

On Friday we spent the day catching up on house stuff (laundry, cleaning) and we got cookies to celebrate Annabelle's first week! Grandma Shari arrived on Friday evening to spend the weekend with us! HOORAY!

Annabelle at 1 week...

  • is about 7 pounds 2 ounces, 19.5 inches, head is 34
  • is a huge cuddle bug
  • wears newborn clothes (that are a bit too big for her)
  • wears newborn diapers!
  • likes to fill her diapers a lot
  • gets the hiccups constantly
  • hates the swaddle and loves being wrapped loosely in a blanket
  • sleeps best cuddled up with someone
  • loves to eat every two hours... for an hour (sometimes more)
  • sleeps between 2-3 hours at a time (Longest stretch at night has been 3 hours, between 11pm-2am! Loves to wake up a lot between 2-7am. Hoping that changes soon!)
  • will occasionally take a pacifier
  • just started spitting up 
  • loves to be up and looking around (doesn't like when you sit still :))-FOMO!!
  • has charmed everyone in our family... we love her!
  • has a big set of lungs! Ryan is really good at reminding everyone to cover their ears :)

So grateful this little one has joined our family!

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