Monday, July 18, 2016

End of the School Year 2016

The last week of school was a little bit crazy, but a lot of fun. 

Catie's class had a last day of school Luau and a Field day and Andrew's class had an end of the year party and Field Day. Since I was the room mom at Catie's school I ended up just helping at her school.

It is amazing how much Catie grew during the year this year. She learned a lot about being a good friend, communicating, listening, following directions, and reading! Catie is a great reader and we are giving all of the credit to Andrew because I didn't help her at all! 

The last day TK luau was simple and a bit crazy. We tried decorating outside and the wind was so intense that everything kept getting blown down. Fortunately TK kids have low expectations. I also put together a book for Catie's teacher with cute little quotes from each child. It was a hit!

During one of the days at the end of school, Ryan and I (and Annabelle) went to Chick-Fil-A as our last "date" of the year. I loved my afternoons with this kid while Annabelle slept and the big kids were at school.

Andrew had a great year this year as well and loved his teacher!

After school we went home and I gave the kids some surprises to help kick off summer! I also had a big blow up pool in the backyard and we had fun playing in that and relaxing and also going to our neighborhood pool with some friends. It was a great last day of school!!

We ended up ordering pizza and enjoying dinner at the pool and staying till late. What a great way to end the year!

Crazy we will have a pre-k kid, a kindergartener, and a 3rd grader next year!

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