Monday, July 18, 2016

Annabelle at 6 months

We sure love Annabelle.

Here's a little update on her at 6 months. 

Sucks on everything (especially knees, pants, chins, paper, and toes)
Smiles at everyone (Especially if they are wearing sunglasses)
Is very calm, happy, peaceful but she has pipes and if she is tired, hungry, or in the car, she will let you hear it.

Here are her 6 month stats:

Height 26.5 inches (76%) - a little high in my opinion... I think she is shorter than this
Weight 15 lbs 15 oz (47%)
43 cm (16.93") (73%)

Annabelle also sits up for quite awhile without falling, and likes to be held in a standing position. She also LOVES to be carried and has a little bit of FOMO. Likes to see what is going on everywhere.

She finally likes the water too (though didn't really like it during our entire Hawaii trip)

She loves playing with all of the big kid's toys and loves Sophie the Giraffe (that we lost in Oahu). She got an elephant teether toy that she is also obsessed with.

She has tried shave ice and sweet potatoes. She kind of likes sweet potatoes. She loved it the first time and the second and third time she's felt lukewarm about food. Shave ice was way too cold her her.

She has been given a bottle a few times and refuses to drink it... and just spits all the milk out.

Annabelle schedule wise goes to bed somewhere between 8:30-10:00pm and sleeps in until 7am sometimes (sometimes wakes up randomly at 3am or 5am if she's having a growth spurt). After she eats at 7am she will sometimes go back to sleep until 10am! Sometimes I do too (while the big kids watch TV).

During our Hawaii trip she was an awesome sleeper in Maui and maybe woke up once a night. In Oahu she woke up every 1-2-3 hours for the entire week. I felt like a zombie in the mornings, but then Diet Coke and shave ice perked me up!

During the day if we are home Annabelle spends her time crawling around, hanging out in her exersaucer, and sitting playing toys. If we are out she loves my Sollybaby wrap (thanks Jaicy!) or the Baby Bjorn. She loves to face forward and see what is going on. 

She hates the car and her car seat and has been known to scream for a full hour drive (or longer) versus just going to sleep when she is overtired! It gives me such a headache and I feel so bad for her. She plays with her toys for a little bit and then she is DONE.

Annabelle loves Ryan, Catie, and Andrew. They are really good at snapping her out of a bad mood and almost always happy to oblige if I need someone to keep her happy while I shower or run to get something.

Annabelle usually naps from 7 or 8 until 10am (it will be so sad when school starts and this no longer can happen). If we have to be out early, she'll usually snag a nap between 10-11:30 and then will do an afternoon nap from like 1-3 or 2-4 or 3-5 and then that's about it. Occasionally she'll sneak in a cat nap somewhere while we are driving or out adventuring, but sometimes she won't. She is pretty easy going as long as you don't try and force her to take a nap while we are out. She likes to be in charge of when she sleeps... so will stay awake for as long as you try and put her to sleep... and then once you stop trying she will just zonk out.

I am obsessed with cuddling this girl. In the past I would get annoyed if kids needed to be carried too much, but not any more. I will hug and carry this cute girl anytime/anywhere. The night time wake ups sometimes don't even bother me either because I feel like they are fleeting. The quote "the days are long but the years are short" is constantly in my head. I am very aware of how fast this time is going with this darling girl and I know I will miss it, so I am trying to treasure it! 

I love this age! Babies are so easily amused and so quick to change moods and return to happy attitudes. I love that Annabelle isn't moody yet either. She just LOVES us and smiles and smiles when we pick her up and feed her. 

If you want a little comparison... here are the other kiddos at 6 months 

Ryan at 6 months (somehow his 6 month post got skipped-whoops!... but here is Ryan at 5 months and Ryan at 7 months)

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