Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ryan at 5 months

I think this picture is a good representation of how Ryan feels most of the day...

Who are these crazy people and what are they doing to me?

Little dude is pretty mild mannered and happy... unless you drive him in the car anywhere. Then he just screams... and can do it for over an hour without stopping.

His main favorite things are his hands and drool... lots of drool.

Little dude is chunky! He makes everyone smile with his infectious smiles that take over his whole face.

The other day he sat without help for about 20 seconds. He looks so much older when he does this. I don't try this stuff with him often though because I want him to just stay my little baby and cuddle.

His favorite toys are his siblings, his exersaucer, the toys on the high chair, the pull things on his rocker chair, my hair (sucking and pulling on it- ick!), and his hands.

Lately little dude goes to bed at 8pm, eats once before I go to bed and then sleeps until 7 or 8. We need to teach him to sleep without the miracle blanket... but I'm not ready for that yet.

Ryan wears size 3 diapers and can probably wear size 9 month clothes now. My arms are constantly tired from carrying him around, but I love it. He is so cuddly and loveable!

On having three kids...

Just a side note... although having 3 kids is not as hard as say... having 4 or 5 kids... it is definitely an adjustment. Life isn't just roses and as I've mentioned to several friends... there is seriously a lot of crying- by all parties (including me...). In fact, I think there have been some days lately when at least one person is crying all day long... not the same person all day long... but with everyone making sure to take their turn :) It is really thoughtful of them.

I love my three cute kids and am blessed to have a really good sense of humor about life on most days... and I also have several really good friends who will listen to me talk about the crazy antics of my kids which totally makes life better. 

Ryan couldn't be more loved and all kiddos in our family agree he's the best. In fact, a direct quote from Catie earlier this week was, "I love Ryan. He is the best brother ever ever ever!" (Good thing Andrew wasn't nearby to hear that :))

Happy 5 months to my favorite little dude! Can't believe you are growing so fast!

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