Friday, March 15, 2013

Starting off Kevin's Birthday Long Weekend!

We started off Kevin's birthday long weekend (Thurs-Sun) with some sleeping in! 8am is sleeping in around here right now and Kevin lucked out and the kids slept in and the contractors started later than normal so he got to snooze a bit on his birthday yesterday.

Then I made him quite a beautiful (and big) birthday pancake before he had to race off to catch the Google shuttle for work.

Not too long after that we drove down to visit him for lunch at Google's YouTube offices. The kiddos were goofballs and kept us entertained while Ryan slept the day away in our stroller.

The highlight of the trip was the visit to the Google bathrooms to check out all the toilet features. The kiddos are obsessed with potty talk and bathrooms in general right now (lucky for us... maybe somewhat having to do with the bathroom show rooms we've been to lately too?). Too funny!

Kevin got lots of cuddles, tackles, and tickles.

After lunch we said goodbye to Kevin and trekked up to San Mateo to grab some of Kevin's favorite birthday treats... Sibby's Cupcakes. We stopped off at Central Park for a cupcake reward after enduring 40 minutes of Ryan squawking in the car. 

This pit stop made everyone much happier and then we trekked back across the bay to go home and finish getting a few things ready for birthday dinner and dessert.

Kevin got loads of treats for his birthday- lemon cake with rainbow chip frosting (plus the cupcakes from Sibbys) and we made him mexican manicotti and mexican rice for dinner too.

Scott, Cat, and baby Sophie also joined us for the celebrating!

We continued the partying with a late lunch family trip to PF Changs today that was quite an adventure (not to be repeated anytime soon) and we have a few more things to do over the weekend as the celebrating continues!

Happy Birthday Kevin!

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