Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Favorite Catie Phrases

Catie unintentionally cracks me up all day long. She talks a lot... some of which we can't totally understand... and then she also yells a lot... and we can understand that too well :)

Here are a few of my favorite Catie words or phrases right now...

Mom, I'm doing my work out. (climbing on things around the house)

Tons of things. I like doing tons of things (no clue why she says this)

5 more minutes (when I ask her to do anything)

Be kay-yet (when Ryan or Andrew is loud)

Ryan doesn't like me (if Ryan cries anytime she is around)


I missed you mommy/daddy I love you (often only when we leave the room and come back)

Where did rabbit and doggie go? (her stuffed animals)

You are hurting my feelings (when I brush her knotted hair).

That makes me sick  (any food we offer when she is grumpy)

Ring around the toilet (favorite way to sing Ring around the Rosie)

I'm having a hard time

I need a cuddle (all day long... so sweet)

I still love you (when she destroys her room during quiet time)

Watch a show mom, please? (anytime we are in our house or near an electronic device)

Stupid! (anytime you tell her something that makes her mad or that she doesn't want to do... Thank you A Bug's Life... :( )

Too loud! Too loud! (when contractors are working at the house)

Ouch! (any time you touch her?)

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