Friday, March 15, 2013

Ryan at 4 months!

I lost the updated sheet from the doctor... so I can't remember all of the deets from his 4 month appointment, but Ryan is one HUGE 4 month old! He isn't off the charts yet... but he is pretty darn close.

Weighing in at like 17.2 lbs he's in the 95% in weight and somewhere in the 85% in height and the little dude is just all chubs and smiles. We love him!

He probably gets kissed 1000 times a day between me and Catie smooching his cheeks and head. Andrew keeps him entertained by dancing or falling over for him and just sitting and chatting next to him or showing him games on the iPad. He is one loved little baby! 

Little dude will lie on his stomach or on the floor and be entertained or will sit in the high chair or exersaucer or bouncy chair and keep himself happy too.

He is so happy and easy to tote around that it is hard not to just snuggle and hold him all day. I love it when I look down at him and find that he's been staring up at me for awhile just smiling. What a sweetheart!

Ryan sleeps like a champ most nights from 8pm to 6:30am without any wake ups... but he's been growing lately, so we've had a few nights when he's been up a few times. He currently sleeps part of the night in our downstairs guest bathroom and then in the family room. The kiddos have learned to be super quiet and come play in the guest bedroom where we sleep until he wakes up for the day (sometimes not till 8am... despite the hammering and sawing in our master bedroom above him).

Little dude occasionally gets put in clothes other than sleepers... but then manages to explode through them every time, which makes me less likely to get him dressed up. Most days you'll find him wearing pjs all day long and loving every minute of it. We also wish we could wear pjs all day long at our house (and sometimes do if we don't have anywhere to go). 

Little man wears size 6-9 month old clothes now and wears size 3 diapers. The other day I was mourning that my baby was so old already and then realized that he is big, but not old... so I still have many many more months with a cute little babe around. 

We put him in a swing a week or so ago and he loved it, so now he and Catie are adorable swing buddies together. He loves chillin and kicking his feet. I will need to bust out our johnnie jump up thing for the doorway at our house now. 

In addition to smiling, little dude is trying super hard to roll over from back to front... but all the chub seems to be getting in the way. He is super social and loves pretty much everyone that looks at him. He gets passed around church and is so smiley at everyone who holds him. We love his giggling and cooing.

He was so excited to get to see his Grandma and Grandpa Smith a few weeks ago for Andrew's birthday and was smiley from the get-go. 

The only time Ryan isn't smiling is when he is driving in the car (or when he's overtired or sad he has to go to bed)! He hates the car and screams and screams the whole time we are driving! Between him and Catie I do forsee very many road trips in our near future. Once he starts screaming, Catie screams, and then Andrew screams and then I end up with a giant headache! 

It is amazing that one little guy can bring so much joy and peace into our home (as long as we're not driving :)). His happy attitude can really change the tone in our house because if Catie or Andrew is grumpy I can just mention something about Ryan and their faces light up and they start talking sweeter and looking to help their baby brother or give him kisses or hugs. 

We all absolutely love him! Happy 4 months little dude (now almost 5 months bc this post is late)!

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