Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Party!

Some friends and I decided to throw an Easter party! We invited all of the kiddos from church that aren't in kindergarten yet. We had close to twenty kids and their moms and then several little babies and it made for quite a party!

We started off with a super simple egg collage craft for those that were interested. 

Then we dug into the snacks! We kept things simple and had the event potluck style.

The kids went gaga over Julie's awesome cupcake cones which were yummy and adorable!

Ryan got held by pretty much all the moms while I snapped photos, hid eggs, and helped Catie with snacks. He loved it and had fun flirting!

After snacks Cara had the kiddos do an awesome game pushing their eggs across the floor with spoons. They thought it was pretty funny.

Once they were all sugared up and extra energetic, we opened the doors and sent them outside for their big egg hunt! I stuffed 200 eggs and they LOVED running around looking for them. It was SO FUN so see their cute little faces as they looked for eggs and as they opened them and discovered little treats.

My little Catie was more excited about the flowers she found than the eggs!

At the end Andrew ran around making sure that everyone got their 10 eggs and then he sat down and enjoyed every little piece of candy in his 10 eggs... and he shared some too.

I love this picture of Catie and her little bud checking out their loot.

What a fun morning!

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Jules, James, & Ben said...

Thanks Kristina for the awesome party and all the prep. Especially the eggs. You have been stuffing eggs for days. Hope the neighborhood hunt went good today. Sorry we missed it.