Friday, March 8, 2013

The remodel starts!

Our remodel started on Wednesday! I think by Thursday afternoon I was ready for it to all be over already... but I feel like we are starting to get adjusted to the "new normal" going on at our house... at least a bit.

We have this giant unsightly dumpster in front that has collect all the demo stuff. It was basically full by Wednesday afternoon... but they keep adding to it. We also have a porta potty on our front lawn. It is super classy. All the kids think it is pretty cool... and we spend our time reminding them not to touch it.

They covered over stuff and taped off the floor so we walk around everywhere with shoes on on top of the cardboard unless we are in our living spaces (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and family room). We barely go in these front few rooms right now because the door is open all day and it is cold in there!

Day 1-2 was demolition and Day 2-3 was framing. They'll probably finish all the framing on Monday they said and then next week is HVAC, electricity, and plumbing.

Here are some pics from the demolition

Here's Ryan's new room. I think it is going to be my favorite bedroom. I love that he gets to have such big windows. He'll have some great light in there during certain parts of the day. 

Ryan gets tall ceilings too. Someday we might have to give this room to the tallest kid. For now the kid that sleeps the best gets it. Andrew and Ryan are currently tied. Catie has been dethroned and has lost the title as sleep princess. :( 

Here's the master bedroom. The new windows got framed but then they covered them up when they left... so you can't really see them. I'll post a pic of them that Kevin got later. (since I'm sure so many of you really care ;) This is mostly just for my documentation and sanity so that I will notice how much is getting done on this).

The far end of this picture is our bathroom. It is going to be so much smaller than our previous bathroom... but I think that is ok. Not too many people can typically go jogging or host a playdate in their bathroom.

The right side of this photo shows our walk-in-closets. We each get one. Mine is bigger than Kevin's which is awesome and they don't connect (which he is excited about). I am not the tidiest with clothes, so this is great for both of us. As of right now the closets are looking bigger than we expected (you can only tell so much from plans), so that is cool. I'd rather have less bathroom floor space and more closet anyway. I'm excited to see what it looks like when they finish off all the walls. 

Here's my favorite little buddy who had fun checking out the work site with me.

This is what the guys do to the work site after they leave so that the littles don't try and go in. Then I tape over the top part with tarp to keep things more secure. Kevin likes to grab a chair and carry me over inside so we can check out everything after everyone has left.

This is where they ripped out a bunch of storage and where they'll hopefully be building me a bigger and better linen closet- less wide but deeper!

Our basic schedule these days is... 

7am- let workers inside the hosue and then we take turns showering (since neither of us shower before 7am since I am either running or sleeping before then)
8am- Kevin leaves for work and the kids and I do breakfast, clean up, watch TV, get dressed, do projects, play, and let Ryan take a nap
10am (sometimes earlier)- Leave the house for an adventure (mall, park, errands, etc.)
12:30pm- Drop Andrew off at school
1pm- Ryan naps at the house (he can sleep through anything) while Catie and I have 1:1 time playing
3pm- Ryan wakes up and we leave to get Andrew at school (sometimes we even leave at 2:30 and go run errands before we pick up Andrew). It is somewhat of a blessing that Catie doesn't take a nap anymore.
4pm- workers leave, we have a snack, kids have quiet time for an hour or so in their rooms so I get a moment of peace (while Ryan takes his last nap).
5:30pm- dinner
6:30pm- baths and get Catie to bed
8pm- Andrew and Ryan to bed
8pm onward- we can do whatever we want and relax. I always eat a giant bowl of ice cream as my reward for surviving the day!

Only 8 weeks left... assuming everything stays on schedule... which is rare when remodeling! Crossing our fingers!


Breanne Taylor said...

Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of the Property Brothers show, which we love to watch. Can't wait to see your final result. Always love reading your blogs!! Always real, laughable, and very relateable to how I feel:)

Breanne Taylor said...

One question:Where does all your blogging time fit into your schedule? I am amazed how much you do and how much you are able to post about. I need some of your energy:)